5 Cool Destinations For Camping!

It’s the summer season, which means one of many things, but in the world of the great outdoors, it’s the perfect time for C-A-M-P-I-N-G! And across the world there are many cool places to be able to pitch your tent or hook up your camper van and enjoy the beauty of the natural world and sleep under the stars! Perfect!

So let’s discover some of the coolest places for camping across the world!

Loch Lomond and The Trossachs, Scotland

The scenery of this place is incredibly beautiful. With scattered mountain peaks and the valleys below, you will not be disappointed with the views! There are many caravan parks and campsites available for you to settle down for the night, but also you have the opportunity to wild camp too! Awesome!!

For the avid outdoorsian, there is an array of beautiful wildlife here, so keep your eye out for deer, water voles and eagles, just to name a few! Loch Lomond and The Trossachs is also a haven for outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, kayaking and paddle boarding. So all in all, this sounds like an all-rounder to us!

Mt. Cook National Park, New Zealand

Well where do we start with this destination? I mean photos of this place alone completely sells itself to us...when can we go?! That being said, the views are jaw dropping and there is an extensive amount of awesome outdoor activities on offer here in this ‘outdoor playground’.

Immerse yourself in the world of ice climbing on the mountain, take a helicopter flight with snow landings, go for a hike about the beautiful surroundings, try fishing or even just jump on a mountain bike and go explore! There really is something for everyone here! Don’t just take our word for it though, go check it out for yourselves!

Hossa National Park, Finland

This beautiful destination is an important natural forest area and is well known for its bright clear waters...many people like to stand-up paddle board here across these beautiful crystal waters. Once you have set up camp, go explore and see what this place has to offer…some of the experiences here are quite unique. And even if camping isn’t for you, this place is soon to offer ‘campland glamping bungalows’ so that you can still enjoy some of the wonderful things on offer here, as well as soaking up the amazing scenery!

Hossa gives you the opportunity to really connect to nature and explore the wilderness; there are over 90km of trails for hiking and cycling here! Between the months of May and September, you can experience ‘wine in the woods’ in which you can indulge in wine tasting! Or if that's not really your thing, there is a ‘campfire pancake’ experience in which you can learn the art of pancake cooking...plus there’s coffee! Win!! Other activities include berry picking, ‘the art of Sauna - the Finnish way’ and ‘walk on the ice’ to name just a few of the cool things you can experience whilst camping at this location!

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Camping is a super popular recreational activity on Vancouver Island. There are many campsites across the island, situated in parks and alongside rivers and lakes!

Recommended places for setting up camp in this beautiful part of the world are Pacific Rim National Park and West Coast trail, in which, if you’re lucky enough, you may catch sight of breaching orcas offshore or sea otters swimming and playing in the shallows! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

There are many opportunities for indulging in outdoor activities here with a wide range of fun things to do and see during your camping trip in beautiful BC. From kayaking and canoeing, to whale watching, to golfing and fishing, and even hiking trails as well as wildlife viewing. Keep your eyes peeled whilst out exploring as Vancouver Island is well known for supporting wildlife such as black bears, wolves, elk, cougars and many other mammals and bird species!

The Alps, France

With rolling hills and beautiful valleys, this place is awesome for camping and hiking from the spring season onwards, as the snow starts to thaw from the winter months! There are many campsites to choose from in this mountainous region. Wherever you decide to pitch up your tent, you will not be disappointed with the views...with amazingly beautiful scenery of the mountain tops and the many pine forests, what more could you want! There are many rivers and lakes in The Alps and in the summer you can take full advantage of these, with awesome activities like canoeing, surfing and rafting on offer, to name just a few!

During your stay here, you also have the opportunity to participate in other lush activities such as hiking and climbing, or you could jump on a bicycle and go ride if that’s more your thing....be it mountain biking or road cycling....I mean, don’t forget, you’re in the Tour De France region! Awesome!!!! And even more, if that STILL isn’t your scene, when camping in the Alps, you can take a city trip and visit one of many different famous cities like Geneva or Lyon.

So there we have just a few of the coolest destinations to go camping worldwide. Have you been to any of these places? Where did you set up camp? Did you take part in any gnarly activities whilst at these incredible sites? Let us know in the comments and help to inspire your fellow adventurers to go camping somewhere new!

Happy camping!!


Author: Gemma Johnson