5 Of The Best Strava Alternatives

Ok, so people seem to be jumping ship when it comes to Strava… we kind of understand why! Having features that have been free since the dawn of time, to then all of a sudden be placed behind a paywall does suck!

But we here at Awesome Outdoors think that TBH this is a great move for Strava. Not only does this guarantee job security for all that work at Strava, keeping all the super good stuff free could have led to the company shutting its doors and being bought by the likes of Facebook or Google...which let's be honest no one really wants. But if this move has made you cut ties with Strava then here are five alternatives you should check out.


Endomondo is perfect for running, hiking, cycling, skiing, kayaking… basically, if you can go outdoors Endomondo can and will track it for you. Their GPS system features real-time tracking of time, speed, distance and of course altitude. You get the standard auto-pause, can track what your friends are doing and can track your progress on Google Maps.

But unlike Strava you have an audio coach which gives you feedback, you have a customizable front and countdown which is pretty cool and their web interface gives a great detailed analysis.


Komoot is aimed towards hikers and cyclists. This is mainly due to the fact that it shows commonly known trails and tracks as well as user-based ones which are shared on the platform. Just like most tracking apps, Komoot covered every inch of the trail from type, elevation, distance, speed and plenty of other standard features.

What’s great about this app, that others don’t seem to feature as much, is the offline mode. Once you have planned your route you can download it and away you go! Which will save you a ton of data if you use these types of apps often! And if you have a smartwatch or GPS Komoot also works on them as well which is pretty awesome!

Zombies, Run!

No, this isn’t a joke...there is a pretty kick-ass app that you can use just to spark some joy back into your fitness. Now yes this app really is one for the runners… sadly! When you load up this app your run will become a mission of survival! In Zombies, Run! You pop your headphones in and are introduced to immersive audio that puts you in the heart of your own zombie adventure!

Whilst running you collect supplies which you use at your very own basecamp once you have finished your run. Don’t worry though it’s not just for the hardcore runners, you can walk and jog as well with this fun app it works with your level of fitness.

Adidas Runtastic

Don’t let the name fool you; Runtastic is great from cycling, gym training, walking, hiking and even skateboarding! It covers pretty much every outdoor sport. It records your workouts and reviews your stats at the end of a session. It features challenges to help get you motivated and also to keep you motivated. It records your distance, pace, elevation and even how many calories you have burnt.

Runtastic also features an awesome community that really helps push your training and exercise. It’s a great all-rounder and perfect for someone who’s doing a lot of multi-sport activities.


Ok, so this one really is for the cyclist in your life. Bikemap as of typing features 5.2 million cycle routes and has over 3 million users worldwide and they are all at your fingertips. Just like Komoot, once you have planned out your route you can download it and start your adventure saving you a lot of data and battery life!

You can optimize your routes and your rides based on the type of bike you are riding and it also has an amazing ever-growing online community of 100% bikers from all over the world.

And there we have it! Five of the best Strava Alternatives! Do you use any of these? Or do you have another app that works better? Let us know in the comments below!


Author: Shaun Johnson