5 Tips For Nature Photography

A lot of people like to experiment with photography when out hiking. And of course, there are many opportunities for capturing beautiful images on camera whilst exploring the awesome outdoors!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a pro shooter or are new to photography...taking your camera with you whilst hiking gives you the perfect opportunity to practice your skills, whether it’s taking photos of flowers, animals or even people, practice makes perfect!

So let's talk through a few tips for working on capturing awesome nature shots...you never know, soon you could be a pro!

Get Familiar

It’s important that you are familiar with your camera’s settings before heading out. So maybe take yourself out in the garden first to practice, take photos of objects in the house or even have a photoshoot with your pet! Whilst snapping your shots, try to use the lowest ISO setting possible in order to bring more light to your image. You will also need to adjust your shutter speed too to compensate for doing this.

‘Lens’ be friends

When picking a lens for capturing your nature shot, it is best to use a lens with a longer focal length. If you are trying to capture a shot of animals, for instance, a zoom lens with a wide aperture would be best for this. This will give you the longest reach possible without disturbing the animals, whilst also providing a sharper image against a blurred background making your point of focus, pop! (We at Awesome Outdoors recommend using a wider aperture such as f/2.0 or f/2.8)

Be prepared

When preparing for your photography hike, it might be an idea to pack extra batteries for your camera, any additional lenses you might want to use or experiment with and a tripod. On top of that, it is important to think about navigation; where you are going, the route(s) you will take, how long your hike will be...we recommend you take a map and compass and know how to navigate with these. Clothing-wise, we advise wearing a pair of comfortable hiking boots or shoes, and dependent on the weather, layering up….you can never be TOO prepared.

That’s ‘Smart’

Not everyone has a DSLR camera, and actually a lot of keen photographers now use their smartphones for capturing their images. As smartphones develop, the cameras develop too with some pretty impressive features. So if you’re eager to get out there and get involved with nature photography, do some research on how to make the most out of the features on your smartphone camera first! Then get yourself outdoors, and practice shooting...you’ll be surprised by the quality of some of your images!

Perspective is key

When it comes to any type of photography, perspective really is key! Changing angles or perspective can really alter the end result. Especially when it comes to nature photography...we are offered so much beauty so take full advantage. Try those different angles, get low to the ground, play with framing, use higher vantage points if you can. It’s all about experimentation to get that perfect shot!! And what works for one image, may not necessarily work for another, but don’t give up! That’s the beauty of hiking and finding all these wonders, to practice your photography skills and capturing what makes you happy!

Being outdoors surrounded by nature, we are given so many opportunities for capturing so much beauty and wonder! At times, we need to be patient in order to get the perfect capture...if something doesn’t work the first shot round, don’t be discouraged, keep practising and capturing! And most importantly, enjoy being creative, appreciate the moment and LOVE being outdoors!


Author: Gemma Johnson