Adventures On Your Doorstep!

Do you love exploring and going on new adventures? Now is the p-e-r-f-e-c-t time to think about heading out and enjoying the doubt, when thinking of going on an adventure, most people probably think about adventures of hiking up mountains, jumping on a plane and scuba diving the Red Sea, or heading out on your road bike and cycling through the north of Scotland.

But wait, have you ever really thought about what’s on your own doorstep? Going on an adventure doesn’t mean you have to ‘travel the ends of the earth’ to be able to enjoy some of the beauty of this planet!

With that being said, even things like thinking about walking your normal route home from work a little bit differently...walking a different street, or crossing through the park. Or being curious about a certain track when cycling, but never having the courage to venture along the track and seeing where it takes you. So in this blog, we really want to inspire you to look at the norm and the everyday things that you have gotten used to on your doorstep, and try to see them in a different light to spark that little bit of adventure and exploration!

So let’s get to it and talk about the potential adventures that are on your doorstep...

Check Social Media

Social media is a massive part of the wonderful world of adventure, so use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and YouTube and see if there are hiking groups, cycling groups or just groups talking about the area in which you live in. Doing this will drum up some curiosity about where you live and what other people do in your town.

And then before you know it, you could be out cycling or hiking or even taking part in extreme frisbee with a new bunch of people and creating new memories along the way. So yeah, definitely check social media. It really can inspire you to get outdoors!

Go Old School

Now if social media really isn’t your thing, then go old an OS map of your local town or surrounding area and see what you can explore. You might find new walkways, lakes or fields you never knew existed! Finding things on a map and planning an adventure and going out and exploring really is an amazing experience and a massive confidence boost too.

Read The Signs

Even if you’re walking through your local town, like you have done a million times before, keep your eyes peeled as there may be things that you would have never really noticed before if you’re rushing about your day. One of those things is signs or plaques! So when you see a sign or a plaque don’t just walk past it, stop and read what it actually says. The more you do this, the more you will start to understand your town or city a bit more and you may start to notice things more than you had before!

And one sign will lead to another then another and another, and before you know it you might find yourself googling a place or a person that you had never even heard of before! Also when walking through a town or city, be sure to look up! Look at the roofs of the buildings, you’ll be surprised what you miss just blinding walking through a high street, as you would normally, going about your day!

Maybe Stay The Night

No matter how you found a place, track, lake, river, maybe (if you’re allowed) spend the night there! Text a couple of people, go grab your sleeping bag and your camp stove… or maybe you can get a Deliveroo and go spend the night out, get away from the tv or computer for one evening. You will start seeing things in a different perspective by doing this and maybe even have a bit more appreciation for the world around you on your doorstep!!

Get Curious

And lastly if you really want to enhance your local adventure then start getting curious. Or if you are already curious then follow it through. When you're walking home and you have always wondered what's down that path, or if you are cycling or hiking and there’s a trail you have never taken before, go ride or walk it! And scuba divers, what local rivers and lakes are near you? Can you scuba dive there?? Why not go find out! You never know what you are missing out on and you may just find some hidden treasures this beautiful planet has to offer!

What tips and tricks do you have that help spark your local adventure? Have you recently started to venture more in your local area and found any cool new spots? Please feel free to share with us here at Awesome Outdoors and with your fellow adventurers, to inspire others to get out there and explore that little bit further, to find awesome adventures on your own doorstep!

Happy adventuring!


Author: Shaun Johnson

Edited by: Gemma Johnson