Best Places To Surf In The UK

When it comes to surf destinations, a lot of people think of all these amazing places like Hawaii or Australia to catch some waves, but believe it or not, actually there are many surf spots in the UK that are good for surfing too!

Obviously it’s nice to surf the waves on a beautiful beach in Bali, the sun shining down and views of golden sands and crystal blue waters, but the UK has some rad surf spots to offer too! So it may not be the same as being somewhere hot (UK weather is so unpredictable) but that doesn’t matter if you’re all about riding waves.

Autumn seems to be the ultimate time for surfing in the UK as the water temperatures are milder and there’s less of a ‘crowd’. So let's get stuck in and have a look at just some of the UK’s best spots for surfing the waves…

Newquay, Fistral Beach

Fistral Beach is the heart and soul of surfing in the UK. This beautiful beach is situated half a mile west of Newquay. It is famous for hosting the Boardmasters Festival every year, as well as annual surfing competitions. This is a rad hotspot for any surfer! Due to its west-facing aspect being exposed to the Atlantic swells, this makes for awesome consistent waves perfect for catching surf!

Newquay, Watergate Bay

Another beautiful spot in Newquay for catching some surf. This beach is great for beginners and anyone looking to take up this awesome sport! Due to the mellow waves and an extensive amount of surf schools, this is classed as one of the best places to learn to surf in the UK! You’ll find Watergate Bay situated a couple of miles north of Newquay.

Wales, Porth Neigwl

This destination is the most popular and well-known surf spot in Wales. Also known as ‘Hell’s Mouth’ this spot is located on the Llŷn Peninsula in North Wales and is awesome for intermediate and advanced surfers! This beach gets its nickname ‘Hell’s Mouth’ partly because it's said to be like a broad open mouth and because of its danger to sailors in stormy weathers, causing great waves with very little shelter!

Scotland, Pease Bay

This surf destination is located in Dunbar, less than an hour’s drive from Edinburgh. It is a rad spot for any beginner surfers out there! Alas, the waters are cold pretty much the whole year round so it is advised surfers invest in a full wetsuit first if looking to catch some waves here!

Cayton Bay Beach

This awesome gem can be found 3 miles south of Scarborough. It is a rad spot for beginners as well as surfers of all levels to enjoy. This is an up-and-coming hotspot in the UK with its beautiful scenery and awesome eateries too...what more could you want! Plus whilst you're there, why not take some time out to walk along the beach and discover a variety of fossils, millions of years old.

South Devon, Bantham Beach

Just one of the many beautiful surf spots in Devon, Bantham Beach is located in a small coastal village in South Devon. The waters have a swell range of 2-12 feet. There is a surf school which provides coaching and tuition for surfers of all levels. This beach is a rad spot for intermediate surfers.

These are just a few of the many awesome surf spots the UK has to offer. It is worth doing your research before heading off to any of these locations regarding your surf level/abilities, as well as checking out more of the awesome surf spots throughout the UK...some places will surprise you!

So, are there any spots in the UK that you have visited that you would like to share with us fellow outdoor adventurers? Where are you planning your next surf sesh? Do you have any recommendations for great spots to surf the waves? We would love to hear from you!


Author: Gemma Johnson