Best Surfing Spots In The World

So in our recent surfing blog we spoke about the best places to surf in the UK. So it only seems fair that in our next surfing blog we talk about the best surfing spots in the w-o-r-l-d! This list is not in any order from worst to best! Because at the end of the day finding the perfect surfing spot for you is really personal and one person's surf mecca might be loathed by another.

So let’s take a look at some of the best surfing spots in the world!

Mavericks, California

This place really is for the surfers that have the biggest set of cahoonas! Mavericks is a 'big wave' riders dream. Due to the mammoth peak it forms as a result of gnarly storms that are made out at sea, waves can reach heights of over 25 meters! Of course the only way to reach these epic waves is by jet ski… and if you come at these waves at the wrong angle then sadly you’ll be fish food!

Mavericks really isn’t for the faint-hearted as a lot of surfers have died trying to surf this spot… so maybe don’t go there if you have only had one or two lessons! And the people that do surf these waves and survive do have serious bragging rights… but that is a small group of people.

SuperTubes, South Africa

Known to have the best right hand in the world Supertubes at Jefferey’s Bay offers some of the longest, fastest barrels in the world and this is all due to an intense point break. This bay is divided into sections giving each surfer plenty of choice like, kitchen windows, magna tubes, boneyards and of course, supertubes.

This spot really does have something for everyone but it specifically is a haven for the pro rider, so just have that in mind if you want to surf here, and with rides for up to 300 meters long I can see why this place is super popular.

Pipeline, Hawaii

Most surfers will never be good enough to surf at Pipeline, but it’s every surfers dream to bob along it’s perfect crest. Pipeline is located at the birthplace of modern surfing and it’s known to have the heaviest waves to ride in the whole world. These waves scale more than six meters over a shallow base of what’s been called a razor blade reef system.

If you do manage to ride the Pipeline perfectly you will not only earn the respect of every single surfer on this planet, more importantly, you would have become one of nature's finest surfing creations.

Cloud Nine, Philippines

Don’t let the name fool you as this isn’t an easy peaceful ride… in fact it's pretty much the opposite. Due to its powerful reef break, Cloud Nine often leads to surfers crashing onto it’s shallow razor sharp coral which sadly has led to the death of a lot of surfers. If you fall off your board and survive you will be wrapped around by her waves like a liquid cocoon.

This has known to cause hallucinations and confuse the hell out of surfers, and of course due to the razor sharp reef system you are pretty much guaranteed to cut up your skin or even break a bone or two!

Lance’s Right, Indonesia

This spot is known to have one of the best right tubes in the world and even though it takes time, effort and a lot of wonga to find this spot, it's totally worth it! This spot has lovely warm waters and constant even has a cove lined with palm trees and nearby are other world class surfing spots.

It’s no surprise that most surfers call this spot perfection. And they seek out an adventure to visit this place… no doubt it's on most, if not all, surfer's bucket list spots.

Honolua Bay, Hawaii

Everyone has heard about this mecca of surfing spots… but good luck finding it! This spot is s-u-p-e-r secretive and if you ask anyone about it while you’re there, especially the locals they will tell you to go back home!... so good luck with that!

And so, with that, we are going to end it there! So, where are your favourite places to surf? If you like sharing then let us know in the comments, if not… that’s cool… no worries! Some of the bestest places are best kept secret for your own pleasure!!!

Happy surfing guys and gals!


Author: Shaun Johnson

Edited by: Gemma Johnson