Fellow Carter Travel Mug Review

Now I know what you’re thinking… what does a thermal coffee mug have to do with an adventure blog? Well, everything! Because coffee is life. In the new year, I wanted to treat myself to a new travel mug and I’ve always wanted the Carter mug from Fellow. The price for the thermal mug was a tad expensive but I thought to myself “ah heck, why not”. It’s the new year so yeah, treat yo' self!

I’ve been using the Carter mug pretty much every day for the past three months and thought that some people might want to hear (or should I say read) my thoughts about this travel coffee mug.

So I bought the 12oz/350ml mug in 'dusk blue' and at the time of purchase, it cost £34. Ok, let’s start with the good points of the mug, the overall design is great; it feels nice and comfortable in my hand, and the textured outer coating offers a great grip to the mug. The screw-top lid is super easy to use and isn’t too hard to tighten up or loosen.

The metal that is on the top of the mug is AMAZING against your lips. Now yes, I know this sounds weird but the way that it’s designed means that the metal lip never heats up to the same temperature as the rest of the mug and when drinking a nice hot coffee it never becomes too hot that you can’t rest your lip against it. I’ve had this problem a lot with other travel mugs, where the top part of the mug just gets way too hot to drink from.

I was concerned about having a full open-top mug rather than a standard “flip lid” system. But I needn’t have worried because it’s fine! In fact, for future thermal mug purchases, I will aim more towards an open-top style mug because you enjoy your drink that much more. When I first got the mug I did a warmth test. I made a coffee at the start of my day around 7 am and I slowly drunk it throughout the day to see how long it would last… at 5 pm, what was left in the mug was still nice and warm… again I’ve never had a thermal mug that gets daily use, do that before.

Ok, so before I talk about the one negative… (yeah there is only one!) I want to talk about my favourite feature… this mug has a ceramic lining which is just brilliant! It works well with the metal properties at keeping your drink nice and warm and it makes it super easy to clean after use… like really easy! Again, just like the open-top, a ceramic lining will be something I look for in all thermal mugs from now on. Oh yes, also you can hold the mug for long periods of time without feeling the warmth of your drink coming through.

Now, on to my only negative about this mug… the rubber seal on the lid SUCKS! It was fine at first but after a month or so it just started coming off and because of the design it’s not the easiest thing to put back on, and it shouldn’t be easy to put back on… because well it shouldn't really be coming off in the first place. It just sucks that whilst enjoying your coffee, sometimes you have the rubber seal floating in it! I don’t know if this is a common thing with the Carter mug or if it’s just happening to me?

But yeah, that really is my only negative about the Carter Mug from Fellow. Is it worth the £34 price tag? It is expensive but I think it’s definitely worth the money. If you like to drink hot drinks throughout the day whether commuting, in the office or like me, you are working from home, then YES, it is worth the money. For the adventurers out there; if you want a mug that will keep your coffee nice and warm throughout the day whilst you're exploring and a mug that doesn’t take up too much space or weight in your pack, then yeah, this mug really is for you!


Author: Shaun Johnson

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