How To Adventure With A Little One

Since having a baby, it has opened my eyes to a whole new understanding and way of being. Throw in multiple lockdowns due to a pandemic, and it restricts your opportunities. So with all this in mind, I have tried to make the most of the outdoor environment in my local area, but with a buggy, this can be fairly restricting to HOW much I can go explore.

So I want to look at some products that are available for families with young children that enable you to still get outside and adventure to your full potential with your little one!

So, let’s crack on…


Bike trailers:

For you avid cyclists out there that want to take your little ones on a biking adventure, why not look at treating yourself to a child bike trailer. There are some pretty cool designs to choose from, and they look super fun for young children. I guess you could even colour code to your bike if you really wanted to!

Just attach the trailer to the back of the bicycle and away you go with your child in tow, for new and exciting adventures! They are installed with harnesses to keep your little one safe and secure inside, and some include a safety flag and reflectors for visibility in traffic if you are riding on the road. Plus, a lot of them have full coverings so it doesn’t matter if it rains! Win! And a bonus for some families, if you shop around different varieties of bike trailer, you might be able to grab yourself one that you can use as a stroller when you aren’t using it on the bicycle! Great fun for your little one!

Similarly, you could purchase a bike tag-along. It attaches to the back of an adult’s bike to essentially form an articulated tandem. Awesome!

Bike seats:

If a bike trailer isn’t for you, then you might want to think about a bike seat instead for your child. Most bike seats are appropriate for children from about 9 months old plus, depending on the ability of your child being able to sit up unsupported! You can purchase front or rear mounts, and they are fitted with child-proof 3 point safety harnesses to keep your little one secure as you ride, as well as giving you peace of mind so that you can fully enjoy your cycle adventure! Make sure you do your research before purchasing, as there are so many different designs, and some offer extra protection than others. The more secure your little one is whilst riding with you, the more you can adventure to your full potential!

And don’t forget, most importantly, if your child is riding on the bike with you, make sure they are wearing a helmet too!!!


Child carriers:

Like wearing a backpack, but with a child attached! There are many different choices when it comes to child carriers. I guess to choose, would be completely down to personal preference and comfort. Comfort is key for you and your child, especially if wearing the carrier for a long walk/day tripping. I think it is worth investing a little money in one of I always say, ‘buy cheap, buy twice’, and if you’re going to be trusting the carrier to securely hold your little one, you want to be of sound mind that it is sturdy and safe to do so.

A lot of the carriers have sternum straps for additional carrying support and have safety harness straps to keep your child secure as you adventure! Definitely shop around...some designs are nicer than others, and also have additional features too. For example, some offer storage pockets/space, integrated sunshades, and removable rain covers too! Fab! And for those of you lovely families with teeny weeny little ones (babies), there are baby carriers and slings available, so that you can still get outside too! So, get shopping!!

Tricycles/Balance bikes:

Ok, so I know we are talking walking adventures, but for families with younger children and infants, why not think about getting them a push-along tricycle with a handle for adults to push them along as you explore. Or a balance bike if your child is slightly older but can’t yet ride a pedal trike/bike. Not only will it keep the pace up of your exploration, but it is great fun for the kiddywinks too, and hopefully will reduce the number of times they say ‘my feet/legs hurt’!! Haha!

There are many different trikes and balance bikes to choose from, so there is something to suit every adult/child! Yet again, if your child is riding a balance bike, please make sure they are wearing a helmet….safety is key!

Many push-along tricycles have a 5 point safety harness to keep your child secure as they ride along, meaning you can have peace of mind that they are safe as you soak in your surroundings and enjoy the beautiful outdoors! They are often suitable from around the age of 9 months old, yet again, providing your baby is able to sit unsupported. And yes, I know at the beginning of this blog, I said that buggies can be quite restricting to your adventures, and I guess some tricycles are not far different from a buggy, but IN relation to that, they are much smaller in size and therefore you have more maneuverability to explore further than the restrictions of a pram or buggy.

So these are just a few products that can help enhance your day trips and outdoor adventures with your little one. Obviously, there are many different products to enhance your exploration in many different outdoor activities, so always do your research to see what is available for you and your family. Looking online is a great way to find different products!

Is there anything that you have bought that wasn’t suggested but has been a godsend? Have you tried any of these products and they aren’t what you expected? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and let’s help each other to keep on adventuring to our full potential and continuing to enjoy and appreciate our great outdoors, especially if you have little ones too!!

Happy adventuring!


Author: Gemma Johnson