Non-Camper's Guide To Camping

There’s always someone in your family or social circle that has never been camping… or likes the idea of camping but doesn’t like, you know… being outdoors! Or on the flip side, you have decided to go on a camping trip but have no idea what to do, where to go or what to take with you.

Don’t worry though that’s why we are here! Below are some basics you will need to know to make your camping experience great! So let’s get straight to it, here’s Awesome Outdoors non-campers guide to camping.


The first time you go camping just make sure that you visit a campsite! There are lots of campsites to choose from so go through what each site has to offer and also how close the campsite is to amenities or local hiking trails.

If you really are connected to your mobile phone you might think to go to a campsite that has Wifi… please don’t do this, that isn’t camping, you can’t really connect with the people around you when you’re glued to your phone. If you really want to get into the thick of it you can always go wild camping! Just be prepared for the rough life, especially if this is your first time camping.


There are tons of camping equipment on the market! Now depending on how you get to your campsite will determine how much equipment you can take! But in this blog, we’ll just mention the core basics that you will need to take. That way, if you have more room then you can take more luxury items.

So the core items are as follows: Backpack/daypack, tent, first aid kit, sleeping bag, roll mat, stove, pots and pans, water bottle, power bank and of course clothing...unless you’re a naturist camper…whatever floats your boat!

Where To Sleep

Now, this links back to choosing a location and a campsite; some campsites have huts, caves and so on! So if you have gone all fancy then you don’t really need to worry about where you’re sleeping! But if you’re going for the more authentic camping experience then, of course, you have got a classic tent!

Don’t pitch too close to a river, it might look all lovely now but you could wake up in the middle of the night… in the middle of the river! Also, try not to pitch your tent close to the main road or the main track of the campsite. After all, you need your beauty sleep!

If you camp during a hot spell then get a tent where you can take the flysheet off. That way you can sleep under the stars, soak up the night sky and because of the mesh layer on the inside you won’t get bitten to death by bugs which is always nice!

What To Eat

Food...Durr! Ok ok, there are lots of pre-packed camping meals out there. If you are going off the beaten track then you should think about dehydrated food; they take up less pack space and they are also lighter to carry and to be honest they taste pretty good as well.

If space and weight are no worries, then take whatever you want! Just think about the stove you have and what you can cook on it and you should be fine! Camping classics are pasta, hot dogs, marshmallows and cereal!


If you have a camp stove then you really don’t need to have a fire! That being said sitting around a campfire in the evening is a pretty dope thing and for a first-time camper you need to experience this! Before you even think about creating a fire, if you’re at a campsite make sure you are allowed to have one and if you’re wild camping make sure that you can set up a fire in the area.

If the answer is yes to both then go for it! Create a fire and make sure you do it safely! You don’t want to burn down the campsite after all and once you’re ready to leave make sure the fire has been properly put out by either earth, sand or water and please check for embers before walking away!

And that’s it! The core things a non-camper needs to think about for their first time camping! What would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments.


Author: Shaun Johnson