Perfect Climbing Spots For Beginners

So you’ve decided to take up a new sport...climbing! You’ve been going to indoor centers to practice and refine your skills and abilities and now you’re ready to head to the great outdoors and travel to different places to put your new skills into action, and start to reap the benefits of climbing outdoors too...fab! Only thing is, you’re not entirely sure where’s best to start putting your climbing skills to the test….but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

We are about to introduce to you novice climbers out there, some perfect spots for your first climbs. So let’s crack on and found out about some of these awesome climbing places for you to visit throughout the world...

Boulder Canyon, Colorado

Boulder Canyon is perfect for the novice climber, offering many different beginner routes as well as beautiful scenery for you to enjoy too! This place offers easy to more challenging climbs on a rock surface of granite which is smooth in some places, but for the most part is highly textured. Boulder Canyon also offers multiple moderate and classic traditional (trad) lines for once you have really started to develop your confidence in rock climbing and are wanting to push the boundaries a little. There are also approximately 200 spots for establishing a top-rope anchor, which might be more your thing if you’re not quite confident for sport or trad climbing yet!

Railay, Thailand

Classed as Thailand’s number one climbing mecca, Railay beach in Krabi is on most climber’s bucket lists for rock climbing. It offers an array of opportunities for rope climbers as well as boulderers, topped with amazing sea views! Railay beach is isolated from the mainland, meaning you have to take a long-tail boat to this destination first, before you can even think about climbing the limestone towers of this beach! Once there though, you will not be disappointed, as this amazing place offers many different routes for climbing, some of which are already bolted, making it perfect for the beginner climber!

Wye Creek, New Zealand

Located near to Queenstown, Wye Creek attracts many an adventurer as well as being home to climbers of all experiences. There is an annual climbing festival held here every January too. Wye Creek is considered the best rock climbing area in the Queenstown region and is well known for its beautiful scenery and views. There are plenty of climbs for novices, some of which are quite short, but the rewards are still amazing as you look out over a bright blue glacier fed lake! Wow!...the views have to be seen to be believed! B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l!!

Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite Valley is the most famous rock climbing area in the US and is a great place for beginner climbers as well as offering routes for the more experienced climber too…it has the largest continuous wall called ‘El Capitan’ and offers many big wall routes meaning that climbers could spend anywhere between 2 - 4 days on the route to complete their climb….now that requires dedication. But yes, if you are the more novice climber, Yosemite Valley does offer some easier climbs for you to still be able to appreciate the beautiful surroundings whilst still observing the more expert climber scaling the rock face of these mountains!

Pembrokeshire, UK

The Pembrokeshire cliffs offer something for climbers of all levels. With over 3,000 sea cliff climbing routes, ranging from bouldering routes to short slabs for you beginners out there, to more steep and technical climbs for the more advanced climber, you won’t be disappointed! Rock climbing is super popular in Pembrokeshire and offers miles of solid limestone cliffs with some pretty sweet features, as well as big holds, and offering up the opportunity for some real serious climbing once you have mastered your skills and are ready to test your abilities further. Throw in the fact that you are climbing above beautiful blue seas, this destination really is a must for all climbers!

Frankenjura, Germany

This destination is the largest climbing area in Germany. It has more than 8,000 limestone crag routes to choose from, and has something for all climbers, from beginners to experts. The majority of climbing routes at this spot are mainly vertical or overhanging short single pitch sport routes, but there is only one route ready for top-rope climbing! Also, there are already finger pockets and holes in the limestone surface from previous climbers before, making for athletic routes too! If you are thinking about travelling to this destination to try out your climbing skills, then the optimum time of year to visit would be between June and September as most of the crags are situated in deep woodland.

So these are just some of the perfect climbing spots we think would be great for the beginner climber out there!!

Have you been to any of these spots? What was your experience of these places? Do you have another favourite climbing destination that you think would be great for novice climbers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and help to inspire other new climbers to get out there, travel to some of these awesome destinations, and help them to develop their climbing skills and abilities even further.


Author: Gemma Johnson

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