Scuba Diving Slang

All sports have their own slang words or phrases and scuba diving is no different! There are always new words entering the wonderful world of scuba diving, so we thought it would be best here at Awesome Outdoors, to help explain some of them to you...just to help you out!

So have you ever been called an Airsucker? A Stroke? A Pigpen? And you haven't the foggiest what the hell that scuba diver was on about? Well lucky for you those slang terms are in today's blog... funny that!

Tank Monkey

Ah yes, the tank monkey! This is a very affectionate nickname given to someone who's either a divemaster candidate or a weekender in a scuba diving shop. Basically it’s the tank monkey's job to make sure that all the divers kit is loaded and unloaded on a trip. Saving the energy of the divemasters and the people waiting to scuba dive.

Other names for this are: dive slave, dive donkey, dive sherpa, tank donkey and pool boy/girl.


If one of your fellow scuba divers or the entire scuba crew calls you an airsucker, sadly my friend this isn’t a good thing! In a nutshell, you tend to be the first person who runs out of air first when scuba diving. And then for the rest of your dive, you’re a nuisance to your fellow buddy, hogging his or her air.

So yeah if you're an airsucker please for the love of all things scuba, start working on better air consumption.

Flappy Snag Hazard

This term is relatively new in the scuba diving scene! If you’re called a flappy snag hazard on a diving trip this means you have way too much kit either with you or hanging on your persons when scuba diving. And all the gear you have is fresh out the box brand new… and you haven’t a clue on how to use it.

The guys over at Simply Scuba have a great video about Flappy Snag Hazards:

Other names for this are Christmas tree diver & Danglies.


Ok so if you are ever called a Stroke you should really stop scuba diving! Because, well being called a stroke basically means you’re a super unsafe diver! I.E. you’re giving the divers watching you a stroke because of how unsafe you are!

Also, you could give yourself a stroke with how unsafe you are… either way, it's bad!


Ahh Bommie, this slang phrase is mainly said in Australia! So when someone says “There are some beautiful bommies around here” they are not talking about sexy bod on the beach. They are in fact talking about a coral reef system filled with all types of marine life! The slang comes from the Aboriginal word Bombora which means ‘Mountain of Reef’. So yeah kinda makes sense why they would call reef systems bommies!


Again if your nickname has pigpen in it, you might think it's about you being a fast eater or something… sadly it’s not! A pigpen diver is someone who likes to stir up silt or sand pretty much all the time when they dive!

And if you have ever been on a dive with a pigpen you know how annoying it is when someone churns up the sea bed which leads to seeing exactly jack S*#T. So Pigpen Pete… stop ok… just STOP!

Fart Bag

And finally, we will end the blog on the most respected slang term in the scuba diving world… Fart Bag! It’s another word for a Drysuit… well… because… you know!

What other slang terms do you use or have been called in the past? Let us know and everyone else in the comments!


Author: Shaun Johnson