Snorkelling vs Scuba Diving!

What’s better? Snorkelling or Scuba diving? Well to be fair both are amazing sports and most, if not all scuba divers fell in love with the ocean thanks to snorkelling.. So yeah I guess snorkelling wins… end of the blog thanks for reading!!

Ok, ok! That’s not very fair now is it! Well, this blog is going to be about what is right for you! So we are going to break down the pros and cons of each sport and from there you can decide on what is the best move for you to get into the ocean!

So let's get to it! Here’s Snorkelling Vs Scuba diving


So we are going to firstly talk about snorkelling. This sport has been traced back to the times of Aristotle; people didn’t snorkel to look at the beautiful corals or marine life, snorkelling was a key job for sponge farmers. The first mention of a snorkel can be found in the book ‘Parts of Animals’ from Aristotle himself, where he recalls an instrument like an elephant's trunk.

Anyway you're not reading this blog to find out how snorkelling came about so lets start with the cons.


Ok so the first real con of snorkelling is the fact that you can only go so far underwater. Unless you are snorkelling in a super shallow reef system you might find it hard to reach a cool looking reef or a marine species, just because it's too far down in the ocean. And most people who snorkel aren’t free divers so they can’t hold their breath for minutes on end.

Also, you never get that true feeling of being under water when snorkelling. Sure, you’re under water but when you reach a certain point you have to come back up so you will never experience that true feeling of weightlessness.

Another con is that anyone can snorkel! So if you’re on holiday and you go to a popular snorkel spot, you will be there with a ton of other people all trying to look at the same fish! And the last con really is about full face snorkels. Now these things are great but only if you buy from a scuba diving brand! Most people sadly won’t buy them from a scuba brand because of the price, so they buy cheap… cheap full face snorkels have known to kill people! So yeah that really is a BIG con in our books.


Firstly it’s cheap to do; the equipment isn’t that expensive as long as you buy a proper mask and snorkel… like I just said, if you want a full face snorkel then you need to buy one from a scuba diving brand and it will cost you. You can snorkel anywhere, either on a reef system or just on a beach! For many, snorkelling is the first step to falling in love with our oceans, and many scuba divers started out as snorkelers.

Snorkelling is great for your health, no matter your age or fitness you can go snorkelling and it will help with your overall fitness and well being. Snorkelling is an amazing platform to encourage younger generations to think about our oceans, the marine life that lives in them and what they can do to protect them too!

Scuba Diving

From diving bells and diving dresses to breathing machines and open and closed circuits there have been many different ways of scuba diving but the way that everyone dives nowadays is of course due to Cousteau and his CG45 regulator system under the umbrella of Aqua Lung. Ok again this really isn’t a history lesson so let’s just crack on with it!


The cost of scuba diving is always going to be a big drawback! Basic pieces of equipment are of course affordable like a mask and wetsuit but once you get more advanced, that’s when the price of things go up, like a dive computer and regulator system! But, these items are keeping you alive so you should NEVER cut corners when it comes to equipment. The agencies and courses can be confusing, when you think of scuba diving no doubt PADI jumps into your mind, but PADI really is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to training agencies! There’s a lot to choose from and sadly this can confuse a lot of people.

Also, there can be a bit of a stigma with who you train with; for instance, if someone finds out you trained under PADI or BSAC they might just not talk to you… which is just stupid! This type of thing really is disappearing from the industry but you will sadly still get it now and again. Lastly, scuba diving can be at times limited. Some people will only see scuba diving as a sport that you can only do in clear blue warm waters, meaning they see it as a holiday summer sport and this sucks because depending on where you live, you can scuba anywhere!!


If you have ever wanted to go into space, then scuba diving really is the next best thing! Once underwater you can go anywhere, and explore anywhere… as long as you have the right cert cards. You will see things that most people won’t see in their lifetime. When you put aside the silly training agency hate, the scuba diving community are truly an amazing bunch of people...they're caring, helpful and just want everyone who they dive with to have a great time.

So if you go from snorkelling to scuba you will appreciate the fact that you now can go deeper than before but also stay down longer and you can really soak in the true underwater experience. You can look closer at a reef system, a wreck or marine life and doing this will make you fall in love with the underwater world a lot more than if you just snorkelled. And a m-a-s-s-i-v-e pro to scuba diving is that it’s amazing for your mental health! It will calm you down and chill you the F Out!


So what’s better? Well, it has to go to scuba diving… but snorkelling is an amazing way to get into the wonderful world of our oceans. But once you scuba that’s pretty much all you’re going to want to do, and if you DO snorkel after scuba diving you really will feel the limitations of the sport!!

So what do you prefer: snorkelling or scuba diving? Let us know in the comments and your reasons why!

Happy Diving!


Author: Shaun Johnson

Edited by: Gemma Johnson