The Best Grade One Scrambles In The UK

Scrambling is something that a hiker or adventurer has done at one time in his or her life and most of the time they haven’t realised that they are doing it! Now don’t get me wrong, I love hiking but if a trail has a scrambling section that just makes the adventure all that better!

Like I just mentioned a lot of people don’t realise what scrambling is and 9 times out of 10, they have or are just about to do it and this type of scramble is called grade one! But it is slowly coming into the mainstream of hiking which is just awesome. But rather than me keep blabbering on about what scrambling is, let’s discover some of the perfect mountains and hills for this sport.

So let’s get to it and talk about the best grade one scrambles in the UK.

Striding Edge, Lake District

So the Lake District is just amazing for hiking and it really does have a sweet spot for scrambling too. The Striding Edge is one of the best ridges to scramble over in the area. It also happens to be attached to the most popular route to summit Helvellyn, which is the third highest mountain in England.

Looking at the ridge from afar can look pretty intimidating for a scrambling rookie but once your hands and feet are touching it’s rock and the adrenaline kicks in, you will be smiling from ear to ear with how awesome this route really is!

CMD Route, Ben Nevis

So this route can be super hard; during the winter months you can only access the route if you have crampons and ice axes but on the flip side in the late spring and summertime, this route really is a scramblers dream. It offers amazing scenery along the way and all with minimal technical difficulty. As long as you have a good fitness level this route won’t disappoint!

It’s also been said to be the greatest grade one scrambling route in the w-h-o-l-e of the personally I don’t agree but it does come to a close second or third… but hey it’s all about personal preference at the end of the day!

Crib Goch

If you’re looking for a scrambling route that will really get your heart pumping then look no further than Crib Goch! This is a popular section of the horseshoe route in Wales. The reason why it is so epic is for the super exposed ridge that will take you to the peak of Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales.

Although this is a grade one route because of the elements that you will be exposed to, this really isn’t one for the first time scrambler. So go scramble over some other rocks to boost your confidence and skills before attempting this beast of a mountain!

Jack’s Rake, Lake District

Ok, so this one really isn’t for the faint hearted...just like Crib Goch you want to have endured a couple of other scrambles before tackling this one. This pretty hardcore grade one scramble starts from the bottom corner across the face of Pavey Ark, which as we all know is a super popular fell in the Lake District. What makes Jacks Rake so hard is that even during peak summer the rocks you’ll scramble over can be super slippy!!

Even though it’s a grade one it’s advised you wear a helmet when taking this route not just for the slippyness… is that a word? Well it is now! You will be scrambling up some pretty steep inclines and passing through some popular climbing spots! Oh yeah, and also there’s a bit of a risk of rocks falling from above. Fun!

Tryfan, Wales

Now Tryfan is probably the most loved mountain here at Awesome Outdoors HQ. And it’s North Ridge is super famous amongst the scrambling scene. This mountain is a great grade one scramble. It’s not super hard to do but it can be easy to lose your bearings when trying to summit it. Tryfan will give you that true feeling of alpine mountaineering but like I said earlier, it's safe.

There are over 600 meters of scrambling opportunities all with different routes and really are spoilt for choice and once you hit that summit you are greeted with Adam & Eve, which is your final challenge as to whether you want to jump between the two of them!

And that’s it...some of the best routes and mountains to scramble in the UK! Did we miss any out? If so let us know in the comments! Or just share your fave scrambling routes with us here at Awesome Outdoors and tell us about your scrambling experiences to encourage other fellow scramblers to try something new too!

Happy Scrambling!


Author: Shaun Johnson

Edited by: Gemma Johnson