The Best Mountain Bike Parks In The World

Now you can’t dispute that cycling as a sport has been growing bigger and bigger each year! Now that most ski resorts are starting to open their doors in the summer to cyclists, there are now more places than ever where you can hop on your mountain bike and go on an adventure.

So we thought here at Awesome Outdoors why not do a list of the five best bike parks you can go explore all over the world, to meet like-minded people and shred some awesome trails! So let’s get to it... here are the best bike parks in the world.

Vallnord, Andorra

Andorra is located amongst the Pyrenean peaks and has always been big with hikers and climbers! But the trails are now open to mountain bikers! Andorra has been one of the main hosts for the world cup downhill and cross country races which tells you that this place really does have a pedigree.

Not only is it popular to DH and XC the main bike park also features freeride tracks, enduro options, pump tracks, 4x track, and they even feature a kid's ride area. It’s no surprise that bike manufacturer Commencal is based here. The riding season is from the start of May till October.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown is known as New Zealand's outdoor capital due to the amazing mountains that surround it! Ever since the development of the Skyline gondola, the scene at Queenstown bike park really has blown up! Most, if not all the pros ride here during the offseason to sharpen up their skills ready for the up and coming season!

Queenstown features awesome downhill laps, trail rides and once you have done all the riding you can do in a day, you can chill by the that sounds pretty sweet. The Skyline stays operational longer than any over lift system in the world giving Queensland's bike park one of the longest bike seasons in the world! You can ride these epic trails from September through to May.

Are, Sweden

It’s been said there is no place like Are! The Swedish hills take you into lakes and forests giving you a pretty epic view when riding your bike! Are has also been dubbed as a mini Whistler; tracks have been built to a super high standard featuring mahoosive banked turns but are still safe to ride for all types of bikers due to their design and construction. But if you want things a little bit rough and ready Are also features natural trails.

The park is open from June till October and makes for a perfect long summer’s evening ride!

Portes Du Soleil, France/Switzerland

This is a classic European resort for mountain biking. The area that Portes Du Soleil covers is huge and interlinks towns and bike parks which include Les Gets, Morzine Avoriaz and Chatel to name a few! Talking of Chatel this place has a full-time trail team shaping the trails and maintaining tracks in the area!

The scene at Chatel is pretty epic due to the berms, jump systems and some pretty big hucks that feature in and around the bike park! If you’re after a bit of classic downhill though your best bet is to head towards Morzine! The Portes Du Soleil season is from June - September.

Whistler, Canada

Whistler really is the mecca when it comes to downhill and trail riding! No matter how you ride, what you ride and if you're new to the scene, Whistler will have a trail for you to go play on! Each trail is designed to perfection and is all easily accessible. And even if you’re not hitting the dirt the village is truly an amazing place!

You can also hit the skatepark, indoor airbag and also small trails and jumps that aren’t on the mountainside. So yeah if you really want to hit the best bike park in the world Whistler is by far the greatest! Its season is from May - October.

So what are your favourite trails to ride? Let us all know in the comments and let's inspire people to get on their bikes and go for a ride!


Author: Shaun Johnson