The Best Outdoor Apps

So gone are the days when all you needed is a map and compass to go on an adventure.. sure, you can still do that today but to be honest you might be missing out on something, like for instance you come across a flower and you’re not too sure what it is, or you found a new trail but the physical map you have cuts off at the very start of the trail.

Of course this is all frustrating but thanks to modern technology you can use your phone to navigate and find information about pretty much anything, all at the press of a button. As long as you have a signal and a power bank! So let’s talk about the best outdoor apps.

Mountain Hub

This app really is for every outdoor enthusiast; skiers, hikers, mountain bikers, climbers… like I said it’s for everyone! Mountain Hub lets you post weather, wildlife encounters, trail conditions and full trip reports for a specific area. If you plan to go on an adventure you can use this app to check the local trail and weather!

Think of it like a Reddit or Facebook page but for your adventure, using detailed maps and the information you are given is as updated as it could be. It’s definitely an app to have on your phone.

Animated Knots

No matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to remember some, if not all, knots! Don’t worry we have all been there… this is where Animated Knots comes into play. From boating knots and fishing knots to climbing knots and even surgical knots, this app has you covered.

You can follow along as a rope ties itself on the app, showing you the best way to do it in nice simple steps making it easy for you to learn. And if it doesn’t stick in your mind, don’t worry because you can always whip out your phone and refresh yourself anytime!


Calling all scuba divers! Yeah that’s right, we didn’t want to miss you cool kids out of the list! Wreck Finder is the number one best selling wreck app on IOS and Android. Now, as of blogging, this app only shows wrecks around the UK and the Irish coast, but it’s early days from the app and we here at Awesome Outdoors are sure they will expand!

The App so far has recorded 20,000 official wreck sites all with GPS coordinates for you to go and explore, and the beauty of the app is you can download the locations and information about a wreck so you can then use it offline.


Ah Leafsnap! This is an awesome app! Created by researchers from Columbia University, the University of Maryland and the Smithsonian Institution...this app uses visual recognition software to help identify tree species from pictures you have taken of their leaves.

So when you’re on a trail and want to find out what a tree or plant is called just take out your phone, snap a picture and upload it to the app and it will tell you what it is! How cool is that!

As of blogging, the app has 185 tree species, 23,147 lab images and 7719 field images in its database, and its data is growing (no pun intended!) everyday!

Gaia GPS

So when you think of a map system on your phone you probably automatically think of Google Maps! But Gaia maps really are amazing for when you're off the beaten track! This app has a super deep catalogue of map terrain which include topography, satellite, road and national geographic. The map interface is super easy to use either on your phone, tablet or even on your smart watch.

If you want to you can even create a route system on the app then print it off… Now that’s pretty old skool… that’s skool spelt with a K by the way! Once you have inputted your data, you can ‘offline’ the map to save your data as well! That’s pretty dope!

First Aid - IFRC

Now every hiker needs to stay up to date when it comes to first aid, especially if you’re doing a lot of backcountry. But hey, we’re only human after all and we can’t remember everything! So thanks to the International Federation of Red Cross and the Red Crescent Societies we all now have access to basic medical knowledge.

You can use the app to study up before you head out on your adventure, or use the offline mode where you can download a mental backup for simple, in-field first aid scenarios. This app really is a must for a-n-y adventurer!

So these are just some of the cool outdoor apps available to you for your next adventures! What outdoor apps do you use? Let us and everyone else know in the comments below and share any awesome apps that we may have missed, which you think every adventurer should defo have on their smartphone!

Happy adventuring!


Author: Shaun Johnson

Edited by: Gemma Johnson