The Best Places To Scuba Dive

Ok, so far we have covered why you should go scuba diving and what slang terms are used by scuba lovers (long live flappy snag hazard). So it only seems fair that maybe we should talk about some places you can go scuba diving. Now, there are a million and one places you can scuba and let’s be honest every diver has their favourite spot.

So to help inspire any budding scuba divers out there, this list will try to offer something for everyone and hopefully inspire you to do more research when picking your next or first dive location. Anyway let’s get to it! Here are the best places to scuba dive.

Thistlegorm, Red Sea

Thistlegorm is known as the number one wreck diving spot. An army freighter was struck by two German bombers back in 1941 and it was carrying some pretty cool items that look pretty dope underwater such as motorbikes, train carriages and even trucks! And they are sitting there waiting for you to find them and take some pretty cool pictures.

It has a max depth of 29 meters, so it's accessible to most scuba divers and it’s said to be the perfect spot for a night dive… just be careful of the Moray Eels!

Blue Corner, Palau

If you have ever wanted to wall dive then this really is the place for that. The wall dive is very popular with experienced scuba divers, but this site isn’t for newbies due to its strong currents. Other than the wall, Blue Corner is an amazing spot to see all types of sharks up close and personal.

This dive site also has super diverse marine life so even if sharks aren’t your thing, you will still see lots of other types of marine life whilst diving here. There is also a large underwater cavern which can be found in the north part of Blue Corner. This is called Blue Holes.

Barracuda Point, Sipadan Island

If you love coral reef drop offs then you will love Barracuda Point. The drop off here is 800 meters deep… yeah, that’s pretty deep! It’s a great spot though for all levels of scuba diver. You just need to be careful due to the occasional strong sweeping current. So other than the drop and the coral reef, why would you go here?

Well the marine life here is crazy! You will encounter sea turtles, buffalo fish, coconut crabs and no doubt a shark or two! It’s no surprise that this dive site has been dubbed world class by top scuba divers from around the world.

Cape Kri, Indonesia

If you love coral gardens then Cape Kri really is the place to visit! The marine life here is insane! This dive site has Manta rays, all types of sharks, Barracudas and giant Trevallies, not to mention the fact that the coral garden is home to well over 374 different species of fish… now that’s pretty diverse!

This site can be dived from Papua dive resort or you can even take a liveaboard to the site. So yeah you’ll be able to visit this breathtaking place no matter how you scuba dive.

Kailua Kona, Hawaii

Now this is a great place to scuba during the day… but it offers something even greater during the night! At this awesome spot lights have been set up on the ocean bed. Now these lights attract Plankton which then in turn attract Manta rays. Now Mantas are pretty cool but seeing them at night underwater is truly awesome!

The current can get a bit ropey at times but on a good day, or should I say evening, you’ll be in for a real treat and will get a show like you have never seen before. And due to the lights you are pretty much guaranteed a close encounter with a Manta ray… now that's pretty cool!

Liberty Wreck, Indonesia

Liberty Wreck is an underwater photographer's dream! This is mainly due to the super diverse abundance of marine life here! It’s also a great spot for new scuba divers due to the fact that the wreck sits between 9 to 30 meters of water so it covers all skill levels.

The current is also super still making it a newbie divers favourite spot and to top it off, you have crystal clear visibility up to 30 meters! Now that’s pretty clear!

SS Yongala, Australia

Located close to Townsville in Queensland, the SS Yongala dive site was a former freight steamer which sank during a tropical cyclone! The wreck sits between approximately 15 meters to 33 meters to the sandy bottom. There are often strong currents and visibility can be quite poor, so this site is for the experienced diver for sure!! It is said that even after 100 years, the Yongala is still in great condition, but in order to preserve it, exploration of inside the wreck is now forbidden.

Whilst scuba diving at this site, you are likely to encounter some amazing marine life. Look out for Manta rays, Eagle rays, Sea Turtles, many species of shark including the rare Bull shark, and during the right season, you may even spot whales too! Wow, what an incredible experience!!

So these are just some of the best places to scuba dive around the world...have you dived any of the places on today's list? What’s your favourite dive site to visit? Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments below and inspire other people to visit them too!


Author: Shaun Johnson

Edited by: Gemma Johnson