The Most Dangerous Tricks On A Skateboard!

At one point in time in your skateboarding life, all tricks were hard...from ollies and kickflips to 360s. Some tricks come naturally to some boarders and others have to work their ass off to get the right trick down. There will be people who will read this blog and think what these guys and gals talking about?... all these tricks are super easy…but others might say we got it spot on! I guess it all depends on where your experience level is at when it comes to skateboarding.

But the tricks on this list are hard ones to master, no matter whether you're a pro or just starting out! Anyway, let’s get straight to it. Here are the most dangerous tricks on a skateboard.

Ollie Into Traffic

Ollies are one of the most important things to master on a skateboard. Once you can ollie, your trick book opens wide! Once you have well and truly nailed your ollie down, rather than just ollieing over flat ground whilst cruising, you’ll want to step up this trick by introducing it to traffic… I know, mad, right?!

Now yes, this sounds frickin’ crazy and that’s why it’s on this list. After doing a set of tricks you finally will be able to ollie off of something with the end result being that you are then skating in the middle of traffic! One false move or wrong calculation and you will end up in the hospital, either seriously injured or in the hospital morgue!!

360 Flip

The 360 flip, also known as the tre flip or a three flip, was created by Rodney Mullen and was made popular by Jason Lee. This trick is done by a combination of a backside 360 pop shove it and a kickflip. It’s a firm favourite when it comes to most, if not all, pro skaters and they of course make it look super easy.

Learning this trick, you will need to have the patience of a saint and through trying, you will either break your board or more than likely, yourself! Once you have mastered it though, it will look pretty dope throwing it into your set!

Nollieflip Noseslide

So the nollieflip noseslide isn’t just one trick… It's a combination of two simple tricks rolled into one trick, that if it goes wrong, can do some serious damage. So how do you do this trick? Well, you need to approach a ledge that's behind you parallel, put your front foot in the middle of the nose and your back foot a bit slanted near the bolts of your back truck with your heels hanging off a bit in the nollie flip position.

Pop your board high enough while flipping, so the nose makes it above the ledge. Then turn into the noseslide. When your board has done the kickflip rotation and the nose is above the ledge, press down with your front leg and shift your weight onto your front leg. Then once you are done put your nose into a straight position and ride away. Practice really does make perfect with this trick!

Crooked Grind

Now this trick is a super useful advanced trick because it lets you lock into the grind and sit in it once you have mastered it properly. This method can be done frontside, backside, fakie or switch depending on your preference. The Crooked grind is one of the most versatile grinding tricks you can do and if, or should I say when, you master it, just like the ollie, it will open up your trick book even more!

But yeah it can be dangerous when learning this trick! So even before you start practicing the trick, look at what you want to grind and make sure it's strong and stable enough for you to actually do the trick because at the end of the day it's better to be safe than sorry.

Rock To Fakie

So this trick looks really cool but does take some time to master and during practice you will no doubt hurt yourself. So, the rock to fakie is when the front truck is placed over the lip of the ramp and then you slightly rock your board before coming down to a fakie. When trying out this trick you need to know all about the drop in, pumping, fakie, tail, and of course the manual.

This trick really does have a lot to it. I mean, you’re letting your wheels roll over the lip of the ramp and stalling there for some time putting a lot of pressure on your board. The best way to do the trick is by allowing the top wheels to drag along the ramp and then roll off the coping and back in.

360 Shuvit

This is a hot favourite with most skateboarders. It originated from the freestyle side of skateboarding in the 80s. The technique is similar to a scooping style to the 360 flip but as you don’t want the board to flip over, you’ll need to adjust your foot placement and have your back foot squarely in the middle of the tail.

Once you have mastered the trick it's pretty ‘easy’ to do so keep on practicing and you will eventually nail it! But yeah, like with most, if not all these tricks, if you land it wrong you could end up in the hospital which is never fun!

And that's the most dangerous tricks in skateboarding! So what tricks do you think are dangerous? Have you managed to master any of these sick tricks? Share your skateboarding trick experiences with us in the comments!


Author: Shaun Johnson

Edited by: Gemma Johnson