The Sickest Mountain Bike Trails

So in our last Mountain Bike blog, we spoke about the best bike parks in the world. If you haven't read it yet, then go check it out for some inspiration of places to explore on your Mountain Bike! And now, with that in mind, it only seems right that we speak about some of the best trails in the world…

So yeah, here it is, the Sickest (another word for best) Mountain Bike Trails in the World.

Flowtastic, Spain

Flowtasic branches out from the highest village In the Spanish mainland, Trevelez. This trail offers six miles (roughly) of unbridled fun! And what’s even cooler is if the skies are clear, you may even catch a glimpse of the coast of Morocco as you ride this awesome trail.

The trail itself offers a nice smooth ride but it can get pretty dusty at times as you ride through the southern Spanish countryside. And what’s even greater is that if you pick the right accommodation, the trail will end right at your front door which is always nice.

Cheese Man, Slovenia

If you decide to hit the Cheese Man (that’s not its official name by the way) you will find nine miles of super diverse trail. This trail takes you from the alpine pastures, with of course grazing cattle, into the local woods. This then switches to an orange hue of beach woods before you end up navigating through some rather tricky limestone outcrops which just adds even more punch to this wicked trail.

The Cheese Man really does throw you some curve balls to keep you on your toes! But that’s a good thing as it will really test your strengths and your weaknesses on the trail.

401 Trail, Colorado

This trail really is a back-country dream! Whilst riding the epic 401 you will be taken aback by its sheer beauty and you’ll be humbled by the silence and remoteness of the trail. You’ll reach deep into the valley floor before peeling into the trees and then riding into the open being greeted by amazing colours from the flower meadows.

Now, you’ll no doubt have to fight off the flowers as they tend to over take the trail but it’s all worth it by the time you reach the end of the will be grinning from ear to ear!

Tizi Mezzik Pass, Morocco

So the Tizi Mezzik Pass starts at 2,280 meters above sea level! It starts off super steep and it’s loose and pretty rocky...also at this altitude it can prove to be pretty difficult even for the seasoned pro. But, if you can push all that aside, it really is an amazing trail to ride the ‘pencil thin’ line that takes you across hillsides, down valleys and through villages.

And, after a short climb, you drop into a jungle-style trail which follows along a river. This trail offers so much for a rider, as long as you can deal with altitude sickness you should be fine!

The Old Ghost Road, New Zealand

They say that ‘The Old Ghost Road’ is more of a journey than a trail… and I agree with anyone who says that! This 52 mile (!!!!) long point-to-point journey will have you climbing through the rice green rain forest before you are greeted with an epic tree line with views of rolling hills. Because of the nature of the trail, you will need to spend a night or two under the that sounds pretty awesome!

This is the trail that every rider wants to do and it’s pretty much on every mountain biker’s bucket list! And to top it off, at the end of the trail you will be greeted by the local pub with a nice cold one to 'refresh' yourself!

Porcupine Rim, Utah

This trail is located near Moab in Utah and is 14.4 miles long. This trail consists of many different aspects and terrain...single and double-track rock, slick rock and some short loose sandy sections too. This is a technical trail so would be recommended for the more advanced rider, with unforgiving rock drops and wall rides as well as free-ride elements too. The last mile is the most technical part of the whole mountain bike trail and runs parallel to the Colorado River.

If you decide to give this trail a shot, be prepared for the undeniable risks to your own body as you ride this track, as well as to your bike too!

And so there we have it! These are just some of the sickest Mountain Bike trails in the world! So have you ridden any of the trails on this list? Did we miss a trail out? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Author: Shaun Johnson

Edited by: Gemma Johnson