Why Is SUP So Popular Right Now?

No matter what you call it, Paddleboarding, Stand Up Paddleboarding or SUP, it’s a craze that many people thought would just be a fad… but yet here we are and it’s more and more popular than ever! I mean, I live in a city which has a river that moats it and pretty much every day I see people out on their paddleboards!

But why has SUP stood the test of time? Why has it gone from a bit of a gimmick to a fully-fledged sport? Well, that’s why you are reading this blog right? You know, to find out? Cool, so let’s get straight to it and find out why SUP is so popular right now!

Low Impact Sport

There are lots of people who love exercise and stand up paddleboarding offers something for all levels of fitness because as long as you have the correct balance you can SUP! Heck even if you don’t have great balance, paddleboarding will soon help you perfect this!

It’s not just about the physical side of things, SUP can really help with your mental health as well! It gives you the chance to explore more of nature in your area and you really can go at your own pace. And in the same instance if you want to switch it up and race someone you can! So yeah it really can be a low impact sport.

You Can Go Anywhere (As Long As There’s Water)

If you have a body of water near then you can go paddleboarding in it! Like I mentioned earlier I live in the middle of the city and people are paddleboarding! And because of its low impact, that means you can go travel pretty much anywhere and go explore! So even if your fitness isn’t 100% you can go on an adventure and paddleboard with ease.

With SUP you can explore rivers, lakes, ponds, streams...if it’s a body of water you can explore it with a paddleboard! So yeah you really can go anywhere with a paddleboard… even your bath if it’s big enough!

It’s Great Socially

Every sport tends to have an amazing community to it, but I think because of how diverse SUP is, it’s community is even better! Paddleboarders tend to have the same notion as surfers...pretty chilled and are mostly always accepting to anyone and everyone. No matter how long you have been paddleboarding they seem to let you into their community with open arms.

Which is great because if you are new to the sport, having a great community will help you grow and become a better paddle boarder and maybe a better human being! And it seems to be a sport for all ages as well which is just awesome!

You Can Take It To Any Level

SUPs are great for just a nice, chilled ride along the river or lake; you can take it nice and slow, maybe take your dog and do some yoga. Or you can take it to the beach and ride some waves with the surfers! Paddleboarding does really cater for all!

You can even enter a competition and start winning races! This side of paddleboarding is super competitive and pretty fierce and intense just like any other race or surf competition I guess. But the point of this is that YOU can take it anywhere...you want to chill, you can, you want to do some surfing, you can! And if you want to enter some comps… go ahead be our guest! It really is open to any level!

It’s Fun For All The Family

Like I mentioned earlier the SUP community is great! No matter your fitness level you can take up stand up paddleboarding and no matter your age you can do it! So with that in mind, this sport is super popular with families! What other sport offers you the opportunity to hang out with your family and explore what's around you that others can’t always see?

Sure you can always go for a walk… but a lot of people do that! At least with SUP you can go places that most can’t or won’t, and because of this, it should spark something in younger minds. And you never know, maybe they will start exploring more and become more and more curious about what's on their own doorstep!

It’s Fun...PERIOD!

And our last point to why SUP is so popular is a nice and simple one… it’s super fun to do! You can pretty much go anywhere, explore places you have never been before and you can go as slow or as fast as you want! It’s that simple! But, don’t just take our word for it...get out there and explore for yourselves and you might just find a new love for this awesome water sport!

And there we have it! So are you considering taking up a SUP lesson now after reading this blog? If so let us know in the comments. Also if you already Paddleboard, why do you do it? Again let us know in the comments below.


Author: Shaun Johnson

Edited by: Gemma Johnson