Why You Should Scuba Dive

Unlike what movies and tv shows tell you scuba diving is a pretty kick-ass sport and hobby, and for some people, it’s a way of life. Scuba diving has plenty of benefits for all that do it, whether social, health or travel!

So yeah movies and tv shows really haven’t painted the best picture for scuba diving or sharks for that matter and that sucks because sharks kick ass and everyone should love them! But scuba offers some amazing opportunities that other sports just can’t! So let’s take a look at why you should scuba dive.

Social Life

Scuba diving is one of the most social sports on the planet. Now for most people, they learn to scuba when on holiday normally on a try dive; You’ll soon be in a group of like-minded people, you do your pool sessions, you learn the basics and if you pass you go out on a trip into some open water. So soak up the life, you hear the stories from your divemaster and the rest of the crew and before you know it you are hooked!

Even before you have left your holiday you are looking up scuba diving groups in your local area (now that doesn’t sound too spammy does it!) and the next thing you know you're all booked up on a ton of courses to build upon what you learnt on your holiday! And it is here where your scuba social circle will thrive into an amazing social scene filled with all types of people from all walks of life!

Travel The World

It goes without saying you can pretty much scuba dive anywhere in the world, from your local quarry to the Red Sea to any given wreck that is dotted around in our oceans. So thanks to scuba diving not only does your social circle get bigger and more diverse, you will become open to experiencing things that you wouldn’t necessarily see if you weren't scuba diving. You’ll meet new cultures, you'll see islands and live on islands that most land lovers didn’t even know existed.

Yes, this will hurt your wallet but at the end of the day you really only live once so go for it! Go on that scuba trip, get the experience, travel the world and that’s all thanks to the beautiful world of scuba diving.

It’s The Closest Thing To Space

What other sport lets you weightlessly move side to side, up and down, TBH let you go anywhere you want? Because when you scuba dive once you’re in the water (and properly trained) you can pretty much go anywhere you want in the water and in any direction. It really is like being in space. Yes, your gear is super heavy before you get into the water but after that, you are well and truly free to move when and where you want. And on the plus side, you don’t have to do all that astronaut training which is a bit of a bonus.

Peace Of Mind

Scuba diving is known to help relax your mind and gather your thoughts. Once you're underwater all the worries seem to melt away, I mean you can't talk to anybody you are just left alone to your thoughts and in most cases, these will just melt away. Studies have also shown that scuba diving has been helping people with mental illness and PTSD! It’s a sport that can really help you mentally! So yeah just based on that alone everyone should at least try scuba diving!

We will say though… scuba diving props aren't that peaceful for marine life… unless you’re on a rebreather of course!

It Isn’t That Expensive (And Also It Kinda Is)

Yes, the equipment can be expensive but to be honest you would want it to be! Would you trust a regulator set for under £60? No, I didn’t think so! Scuba equipment is keeping you alive in places where humans shouldn’t be. So yeah don’t aim for the cheapest, see what’s in your budget and if you can save up a little bit more then you can buy the upgrade in a month or so!

Once you have your kit, as long as you look after it you should be set for life! Of course, you will have to pay for servicing and might need to replace an o-ring and a battery now and again but yeah like I said, this equipment is keeping you alive. It’s better to get the right equipment at the start rather than having to spend even more money down the line because you decided to buy cheap… buy cheap… buy twice!

So yeah forget what the movies show you, scuba diving is awesome and sharks really aren’t trying to kill you! Do you scuba dive? If so let us know why in the comments in this blog and let’s inspire people to get off dry land and into the seas, lakes, rivers and quarries!


Author: Shaun Johnson