Why You Should Try Climbing!

There are many benefits to taking up climbing...yes, I know the word ‘climbing’ itself sounds 'strenuous', but actually it’s a wicked activity to get yourself involved in and there are so many places you can practice your climbing skills and of course, go climbing throughout the world!

So let's take a dip into the world of climbing and let’s see if we can encourage some of you fellow outdoorsians to get involved!!

Come Rain Or Shine

Firstly, climbing is something that can be done all year round! Be it indoors or outdoors, there is always somewhere you can go to practice and perfect those climbing skills. Obviously indoor facilities give you a sense of safety in a controlled environment but there are also limitations as to what you can do. But climbing outdoors gives you so much more freedom once you have honed in all those climbing skills and are ready to push the limits a little more.


Climbing is a great workout for helping to get physically fit. It gives you a great adrenaline boost and in turn releases all those ‘feel good’ chemicals boosting people’s mental health too and reducing stress. That being said, climbing is also fab for helping to burn anywhere from 500 to 900 calories per hour. And even better, it’s something that people of all shapes and sizes can get involved in...there is no competition to be the best. You can set your own challenges, goals and limitations and achieve them at your own pace, embracing the sense of achievement when you do so! What’s not great about that!

Let’s Get Social

Climbing is a very sociable activity. Rock climbers usually have to work in partnership with others, for example, one person helps control the rope or belay device whilst you climb...literally your life is in their hands! This is why many climbers make friends for life as there is an element of trust instilled right from the beginning! There are always climbers of different levels of abilities so there is always someone there to offer advice and support if needed, helping expand the climbing social bubble! Climbing is awesome for helping maintain focus, building on important life skills like teamwork and problem solving, as well as fostering important leadership skills needed too!

Ready, Set, Climb!

Getting started doesn’t have to be expensive! If you are climbing at an indoor facility, you can hire the equipment that you need often for a reasonable price. Then the more you go climbing and the more you get hooked on it, then you can start to purchase your own climbing equipment to use. As you become a pro climber, you’ll need it for when you venture to the great outdoors!

The World Is Your Oyster

Once you catch the climbing bug and you’re ready to push the limits slightly and get outdoors, this opens a whole new climbing world for you. There are so many places throughout the world where you can put those climbing skills to good use! Climbing will open up so many encounters of breathtaking scenery and adventures that a lot of other people only read or dream about!...there is such a sense of achievement when you summit the rock you’ve climbed and are rewarded with the most amazing views! Nothing can beat that!

Fun For All

And lastly, it is fun! And that’s all that matters. So what if you are only a beginner and are still building up your upper body strength!! As long as you are having fun whilst engaging in this awesome activity, it doesn't matter how quickly, or slowly, you are progressing! Climbing is a hobby for life! Stick at it...you’ll be glad you did when you do your first rock climb and make it to the top! What an achievement!


Author: Gemma Johnson