World's Most Gnarly Skateparks

Skateboarding is a pretty impressive sport to master. In fact, some even see it as an art form, and I guess in a way it kinda is! Taking a skateboard, riding and performing tricks whilst all the while maintaining balance in order to perform these moves! That’s pretty awesome to us! And what’s even better for boarders is when they have a kick-ass environment to try out their sick tricks too. So let's take a look at some of the world’s most gnarly skate parks.

Black Pearl, Cayman Islands

This rad skatepark is the world’s largest outdoor concrete skatepark. The Black Pearl covers over 52,000 square feet and has courses for skateboarders of all levels of experience. In fact, the skatepark welcomes not only skaters but BMX riders, rollerbladers and Parkour enthusiasts too! This sweet skate park consists of many different elements of which to suit all skaters, as well as to offer challenge for those who are always looking to push the boundaries. It consists of quarter and half pipes, stairs, rails and bowls too! There really is something for everyone!

‘Le Bowl’ Marseille, France

This is France’s largest outdoor skatepark with deep bowls and multiple vert ramps. Now, ‘Le Bowl’ may not seem like much from a glance compared to some of the other parks out there, but this urban skatepark is covered with graffiti artwork and is one of the most famous skateparks having been featured in many videos, competitions and also in video games too! Many skaters from all over Europe visit ‘Le Bowl’ to test out their skills and tricks, which in turn attracts a high calibre of talent!

Extreme Park, Louisville

One of the most popular skateparks in the US, Extreme Park spans over 40,000 square feet with a wide variety of features but is mostly known for its 24-foot concrete full pipe. There are multiple sized bowls, a few fun boxes, rails, a street course and a wooden vert ramp too for boarders to explore and play! Plus great news, it's open all year round, 24 hours a day...a skateboarders dream!

Lake Cunningham Regional, California

Lake Cunningham skatepark offers many challenges to boarders with its varying terrain. It is the largest skatepark in California and features some of the world’s most awesome skating obstacles. These include the largest full-pipe, measuring in at 70-foot long and 22-foot wide, and the tallest vert wall. This skatepark has so much to offer, so whether you’re just starting out or whether you're on your way to being a pro, there’s something fun for all!

Stoke Plaza, England

This awesome skatepark (which we think looks like the Millenium Falcon from aerial view) covers 34,000 feet and offers many obstacles for skaters of all levels of experience. This skate haven is one of the largest skating plazas in Europe. Some of its cool features include straight and double-kinked ledges, rails, a flat land area with benches, and two banked/snake-run areas. So if you’re in the area, a visit to this place is a must!

SMP Skatepark, Shanghai

Formerly the world’s largest skatepark, this park spans 44,936 square feet and is host to the international skate competition called ‘The Showdown’. Skateboarders can indulge themselves in quarter pipes of all sizes, fun boxes, grind poles, bowls that interlink with other bowls and a massive full pipe, to name just a few of the gnarly features SMP has to offer! This place really does sound (and look!) like heaven for any aspiring boarder or pro!

So there you have it...just a very small insight into some of the world’s most excellent skateparks. We recommend you research them yourselves, just for you to see how awesome some of these places look! And you never know, if you love skateboarding, it might just trigger you to travel to some of these epic spots to give your own board a whirl on these skateboarding playgrounds!

Have you been to any of these skate havens? Are there any skateparks you have been to worldwide? And did any of them have any awesome features you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments, we would love to hear about your skating adventures!


Author: Gemma Johnson